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Changing vocalists is never an easy task, but that’s exactly what Oceans Inside have done and returned stronger than ever. After some brief inactivity on the live front to get things perfect and ready, the guys are back and ready to make their charge in the alternative music scene. We caught up with the band to discuss the lineup change, new music and who delivered the best festival lineup this summer.

There’s been some big changes within the band as of late, including the addition of Mat Dwyer on vocals. Take us through the band’s metamorphosis and the reasons behind it!

Back at the start of the year Lisa (vocals) decided to leave the band to pursue different and new creative outlets (she is currently working under the moniker Mylki with M4Sonic). This left us in a bit of a state deciding whether we should find somebody to replace Lisa and continue in the direction we were heading or take it as an opportunity to re-invent ourselves. After running a few auditions we met Mat who brought with him an energy and sound that we hadn’t had before. Whilst not necessarily heavier, although there’s some harder edges to our new songs, there’s a definite darker feel to our music, the old and the new.

Has the lineup change shaken up the band dynamic at all?

Definitely. Previously our sound was very much built around the light and dark contrast of punk/post-hardcore music with more pop orientated vocals. We are still going for that wall of sound vibe but with Mat it’s feels like more of a cohesive wall of sound.

With the vocals position now filled, is there any new material being written?

With extensive re-writes of our previous songs to fit more with Mat’s vocal style and lyrical themes we have taken the opportunity to re-invent quite a few of them. We also are about to hit the studio to drop a new single which is the first new song written with Mat. It’s called ‘Passenger’ and will be dropping early 2020.

We saw your debut show at the Steadfast single release. Were there any nerves performing again and with a new lineup?

Firstly, cheers for coming! It was a killer night. I wouldn’t say nerves so much as a feeling of needing to prove ourselves again. Changing vocalists is often a make or break moment for many bands and we didn’t want people to feel that we were just limping on. We think that what Mat brings is a totally different energy.

Are more shows on the cards for you guys before the year is out?

We’ve had our heads down re-writing the old and making the new since our debut supporting Steadfast. Our main goal now is to get Passenger recorded and released. Look out for shows including a single launch in early 2020.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be listening to?

Fang, Totally Unicorn, Bare Bones, Weighbridge, Steadfast

Which Australian festival out of Download, Good Things, Invasion Fest or Unify has come out with the best lineup in your opinion and who are you most excited to see?

Up until Download dropped I was probably most excited for Good Things however with Deftones, Baroness, In Flames, Ministry, Thornhill, Clutch, amongst many others, Download definitely has us frothing.

Anything you’d like to plug or leave us with before you go?

Be excellent to each other.

Check out the boys latest single ‘Wasteland’ below and give them a follow on FACEBOOK to stay updated!




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