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Some Heard Trouble are definitely a name to watch in 2021. After releasing some amazing singles through 2019 and 2020, the boys have just released their brand new EP Scorpion which is already turning heads. When it came to booking a new band for Yesterday Fest, bringing on SHT was an absolute no brainer. We talked to the band about new single Green Room, getting it pressed on wax and how COVID destroyed and caused them to change plans for Scorpions release.

You guys have just released your brand new single Green Room! How has the response been?

The response so far has been great! Callan Orr, who double duties as a producer and guitarist for Dream on Dreamer, did an amazing job. We played it for the first time at the recent What We Did On The Weekend live 100th episode podcast at Stay Gold and it was dope.

You guys managed to get the track pressed on vinyl through AVVC! How did that collab come about?

We emailed them just after they did their first split with Drastic Park and Amanaki because we were hella keen to get involved. Shout out to Piky from AVVC—he’s like our biggest fan—for making this happen. It has been a long time coming and we are still in shock that we are officially on a split with Saviour of all bands. Not to mention it sold out in two minutes. 😉

You guys have taken the single approach with your music releases. What has been your observations of the pros vs cons of this method?

As a band we have a lot to say. It’s never really been our intention to just release singles, but as we are always writing new music and experimenting with new sounds we figure the sooner people can experience it the better.

COVID happened right around the time you guys were on a roll with releases. How did the pandemic affect all your plans as a band?

Where do I start? We had to cancel two music videos and delay the release of our EP. Not going to lie, it sucked! Not having an outlet was really frustrating especially with everything going on in the world. After the initial shock wore off we knew people were doing it tougher than us, so we just kept writing but were aware it was bigger than us.

You’ve managed to play since Melbourne opened up its doors. Did you feel like there was a huge hunger and excitement for live music again when you hit the stage?

Definitely! Even before shows started back up so many friends were sending song ideas back and forth and recording new music. More and more people seem to be out supporting local bands. Shout out to the boys from WWDOTW for putting on amazing shows week after week. It feels like the scene has a lot more passion than it has had in a long time.

We’re so excited to have you on board for YesterdayFest. Who else on the bill are you keen on seeing?

The boys in Steadfast. We have played with them twice and they are sick. A New Way Home and No! Not The Bees have been on my radar for a long time, too. To be honest, we just feel lucky to be a part of it and it’s obviously all for an incredible cause.

If you guys could choose Download, Unify or Good Things to play at, which would it be and why?

I love the camaraderie of Unify, Good Things has had amazing lines ups so far, but let be honest, just bring back Soundwave. Those line ups still blow my mind.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

We could name more but we always love to shout out our homies in Everleigh, their new song ‘Let You Go’ is a huge pop punk anthem. Father Dear Hands, like Everleigh, are another group we met in Sydney, they’re handsome lads and have new stuff on the way.

We got to play Dweller at that live podcast show I mentioned, they left me speechless and we had no business whatsoever playing after them. Same goes for Jupiter the Giant, Nick (also of Earth Caller) has been a friend of the band for a while now and their EP is criminally underrated.

Finally, there’s Vilify. They’re going to be the next big thing and we can’t wait for them to come down this way.

Any parting words before we let you go?

nWo for life.
Check out our EP ‘Scorpion’ and our new song ‘Green Room’ which will also be on Spotify soon if it isn’t by the time this publishes.
The Trouble boys are back, baby

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, catch Some Heard Trouble at our very first YesterdayFest on April 24th. Also be sure to check out their brand new EP Scorpion on all good streaming platforms!




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