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It’s been a tough year on the sidelines for Inferiority Complex who had the launch from their stellar debut EP First Law a few weeks before the pandemic hit. What should have been a busy schedule of shows and promoting the record turned to the band waiting patiently to get back on stage. YesterdayFest is their first show back from the pandemic and while it’s going to be great to see these guys hit the stage again, sadly it will be their final set with vocalist Kira Lee who will be departing the band.
We had a chat to the band about First Law, getting back into shows and what the future holds for the band.

You guys had just released your EP and had it’s launch before the pandemic hit.
How frustrating was it to have that happen and did it change the way you tried promoting the record?

There was, and is, definitely a high level of frustration. Yours Sincerely had gained around 40,000 streams when the pandemic hit, which to us was an indication that we had something to work with, gigging-wise.  Looking back, it feels like we’ve lost a year. We’re obviously incredibly grateful for the support on First Law, however had we known that we wouldn’t be able to gig for a year, we would have ideally pushed the release back until such time where we could have followed it up with consistent gigging.

Now that First Law is a year old, have you guys begun writing any new material?

We have been hard at work throughout the pandemic writing new material! However, given that this is Kira’s last show with us we’re a while away from releasing anything. We’ll be chipping away behind the scenes, ensuring that the music we release is the best it can possibly be.


Can we expect any surprises with new Inferiority Complex music?

Like all art mediums, music is a brutally honest reflection of the writer’s soul. We’re all in a fantastic place in our lives, and our new music seems to be quite reflective of that. However, that’s not to say it’s not going to be heavy. We’re all fans of a plethora of different subgenres of heavy music, and we take great pride in each imparting those differing (yet still heavy) musical perspectives on our art. It’s shaping up to be lot more purposeful… almost like we’re uncovering a very real and individual musical identity as a band. For lack of a better descriptor, it’s very “us”.

We’re so stoked to have you guys on board for YesterdayFest. Who else on the bill are you guys keen on seeing?

Everlyne opened our EP launch, so to see them play this show and to reconnect with them will be a pleasure. Aaron’s an OG Storm The Sky fan so he’ll be looking forward to watching Breenie in Steadfast!

Are there any nerves with getting back on stage after the year off?

It’s always good to have some healthy nerves, but it’s mostly excitement. We’re finally playing live after a year off and connecting with people once again!

What is your favourite track to play live?

I think we can all agree on Yours Sincerely, after our EP launch last year. There was a section of verse 2 (the piano part) where the audience sang the words back to us. We stopped playing for that moment and let the audience take us through to that breakdown… that was something else. That was one of those moments we’ll never forget.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Future Static – Johnny and Aaron live with Ryan from FS. Hardest working band in the scene. Jupiter the Giant, Earthbound, Everlyne and Better Half.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2021?

Given that this is Kira’s last show with us, the rest of the year will be planning, recording, and coming back reinvigorated and stronger than we’ve ever been. It’s likely going to be another tough year, but it’s the year that will prove essential in setting us up for the long-term.

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, catch Inferiority Complex at YesterdayFest on April 24th! Also be sure to check out First Law on all good streaming services!



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