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ARTIST: A Swift Farewell
TRACK: The Fire

A cheerful upbeat tune that will please pop punkers, ‘The Fire‘ by A Swift Farewell has all the right parts, including the dispirited lyrics. In true pop punk fashion, it’s happy sounds and sad lyrical content. Looking like you’re having fun, but actually you’re breaking inside.

The music video is similar to an early 2000’s TV show. Like the one you rushed home from school to watch, with the comrade group shots and neon opening credits. The cheesy smiles, primary colours and goofy dance cuts take us back to the days of delinquent Blink 182 and cruisey guitar riffs. While a simple video, one can’t deny that the band looks to have had fun making this.

The opening drum run is stellar, crisp and providing a splash of colour. Linking well into the melody, energy is high from the very beginning. Let’s talk about the production because this track is mixed very well, itt doesn’t sound like a band that has only been playing together for a bit over a year. With a clean, crisp production and a driving bass line that is actually audible in with the tight guitar riffs, it all comes together to make for solid, punchy sound.

The mood gets more intense and frantic in the bridge, as depicted in the music video with flames and smoke, it looks like the tipping point where waves are going to crash. It builds and you’re anticipating drums to punch like bullets, but while it’s melodically nice it unfortunately falls little short.

Mather has strong crystal clear vocals, which works well with the clean sound of the band so it’s a shame we did not hear more of her vocal prowess, as you can tell there is more power where that came from. The slow, subdued play on the chorus was a sweet serenade and shows how well the track would translate acoustically.

There is heavy influence from Tonight Alive and With Confidence, so if you like those bands give A Swift Farewell a listen. The happy go lucky sound with catchy boppy melodies is well captured. You can sense great energy and enthusiasm from these guys. Expect bigger things to come because “The Fire” is still early days and you can hear so much potential in this track alone.

RATING: 7/10



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