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ARTIST: All Hours
TRACK: Black Rose

Animated, anarchic and just a little bit jaded, All Hours latest single ‘Black Rose‘ is a solid progression on their existing sound. Building on from their last EP ‘The Brightside‘, fans can expect more of their signature neon pop infused rock melodies with just a touch of post-hardcore for punch.

At the risk of sounding of like an entitled scene kid stuck reminiscing about the finer days of emo and neon pop punk, “Black Rose” takes us back there. Back to the days of side swept bands, fingerless gloves and studded belts where you can smell the hair straightener burning. Cringe at the memory, but don’t forget the careless nights spent arguing with friends which “Boys like Girls” track to play next or blasting music through headphones so loud pretending it’s not 1am. The nostalgia conjured through boppy, danceable tunes with a strong beat played over melancholic lyrics is like reliving the late 2000’s. Vivacity, foolishness and extreme hair defined that era, and just like this track it was so much fun.

The riff played over the main melody in the chorus is hypnotic and sticks in your brain permanently. There’s a real layered depth of sound, from the low reverberating bass and tight rhythms to the sugary high buzzing lead guitar. With so many pop punk bands some can fall in the camp of sounding flat and somewhat generic through simple repetitive melodies, but luckily with layered pitches in harmony this is avoided here.

Both cleans and screams are executed effortlessly by vocalist Danielle O’Grady, coming on truly solid and strong. The added backing vocals and screaming reply in the bridge sound unique and change the dynamics of the song and aligning with the peak of the track.

A nice blend of fizzy pop melodies and the aggression of post-hardcore there’s a little something in All Hour’s latest single ‘Black Rose‘ for all heavier music fans. Semi-retired emo kids will definitely get a boost from this!

RATING: 8.5/10



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