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ARTIST: All Time Low
RELEASE: Wake Up, Sunshine

All Time Low are a staple name in the scene, getting spun at your local emo club and helping you relive your yesteryears (good or bad). The band is back and the electronics are gone, but it’s all too familiar.

Some Kind Of Disaster is the first single of the album as well as being the first track, and sets the tone for the record. That is unfortunately where this album stops setting tones and becomes the monotonous tuneage that is Wake Up, Sunshine. The track features the key All Time Low points with catchy vocals, driving guitars and that upbeat pop punky goodness. This continues into Sleeping In, which carries over these same great elements taking you back to high school with some nods to previous tracks (dirty laundry etc.) as well as the shout out to Brittany Spears. The tracks carrying the sounds of a blended Don’t Panic/Future Hearts.

Other tracks Getaway Green, Melancholy Kaleidoscope & Trouble Is carry the same sound until you realise the songs aren’t as catchy as the first two tastes of the album, with exception of the Trouble Is chorus which is a downright bop. From here on you can’t help but feel like you’ve heard every song before as it descends into the title track Wake Up, Sunshine which sounds like Nickelback wrote it for the upcoming Spider-man movie featuring Toby Mcguire.

Monsters & Favorite Place provide a little refresher probably due to the features of blackbear and The Band CAMINO.

The rest of the album takes the foot off the pedal into a mid-tempo pop rock easy listening cruise to the shops. Safe being the stand out of back half with its anthemic guitar and vocal hooks. But really dives off the cliff with January Gloom (Seasons Pt.1) to funnily enough Summer Daze (Seasons Part 2.) This is when it’s apparent All Time Low have maybe lost their energy, their drive to seek new sounds and are happy to settle into their success and their now staple dad pop rock sound.

The album ends on a high note with arguably one of the best tracks on the album Basement Noise which is a moody poppy ballad. You look back at the 15 song track list and see the handful of highlights, add the few you like to your playlist and move on.
The album as a whole has been produced terrifically, but just doesn’t cut it for a band this size who as of recent has been known to push their boundaries. In my opinion their worst album since Dirty Work. Wake Up, Sunshine is out April 3rd but it may just put you to sleep.



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