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Evergreener (formerly Stand Tall) have always been a staple for Born Yesterday shows. With a great grunge infused, punk sound which brings bands like Title Fight and Basement to mind, they’re a band that always translate so well from studio to stage. We caught up with the boys ahead of the show to discuss their name change, new music and what the plan is for the rest of 2021 and beyond!

You guys have gone through a major rebranding from your former name Stand Tall to now Evergreener. What was the reasoning behind the change?

Long story short, the band needed a fresh start. After the end of 2019 we were on a high from playing multiple great shows with great bands, but then 2020 rolled around and Covid hit. We just lost the spark and decided it was best to hang Stand Tall up and start something new, fresh and exciting. Still the same blokes, but starting from scratch has reignited our passion for this music and this scene. Think of it more like a spiritual reboot, and the name change helped with this.

Will Stand Tall songs still be in the setlist going forward?

I’m sure we can throw the odd song in there for old times sake!

Will the sound of the band change too with the new name?

In short, yes. We have matured as musicians over time ever since forming 6 years ago. The name change is more of a spiritual reboot, and it also allows us to shake off the “immature” sort of high school band sound.

You’ve teased some new material being recorded recently. How far off are we from hearing something new?

We’re currently still in the studio recording (recent Covid restrictions putting a lot of things to a halt unfortunately), but we would say keep your eyes and eyes peeled in a couple of months from now.

We’re honored to be hosting your debut show as Evergreener! Who else on the bill are you keen on seeing?

Thank you for having us, wouldn’t have it any other way! Honestly, all bands look like they all have something exciting to offer. If I recall correctly, we’ve shared the stage with The City a few years ago which is pretty cool to come back and do it again.

Which Aussie locals are on your radar at the moment?

Got plenty on the radar! But bands that come to mind are Reside, Vermont, Drastic Park and Kandalini.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

It feels refreshing to have a clean slate after rebooting the band. We plan to work hard at creating a name for ourselves and building a positive reputation within the scene. Of course we want to work towards sharing the stage with multiple other bands and bringing a fresh sound into the future.

Any parting words before we let you go?

Get ready for the new music, it’s banger.

Check out Evergreener along with The City, Everleigh (NSW), Some Heard Trouble and One Day Kings at BYP IX on July 10th! Tickets and event link below.




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