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When our interstate act Everleigh had to pull out of BYP IX due to the escalating COVID situation in NSW we were devastated. Replacing a band on a lineup so close to showtime is difficult and finding a QUALITY replacement is even harder! Lucky for us, Furious George who definitely check the quality replacement box have signed on and we couldn’t be more excited to watch them play. We caught up with the band ahead of the show to discuss the late addition, cancelled shows and their latest record Paralysis!

Welcome to BYP IX guys! We’ve been lucky enough to have you guys on board as a late addition after Everleigh (NSW) had to pull the plug. What’s been going on with you guys?

Thank you! Very keen to be a part of such a cool show! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes trying our best to write music over the internet, we may even play a newy at the show!

You mentioned to us you guys have really been missing the stage and have stayed hugely active with the return of live music. Are you guys looking to make up for lost time now that lock down is (for now) over?

Fingers crossed we stay open! We were lucky enough to play 2 shows earlier this year and it felt like a teaser if anything. If we had it our way we’d be playing shows all the time!

We’ve seen you guys live before and your live sets are just as chaotic and captivating as your recorded tracks. Both like both feel like an enormous purge of raw emotion. Is it difficult going back to those intense emotions over and again?

We try to pack as much intensity into our set as possible, we’re usually opening up shows so our shorter sets just mean we have to go harder and make more of an impact faster. In terms of the emotions, I see it as more of a release. The feelings are always there so it’s good to be able to get it all out in a healthy constructive way.

Your latest record Paralysis is a huge statement for the heavy scene. Take us through the writing and recording process?

Writing paralysis was so much fun! Brendan and I (Jake) lived together so we  got to bounce ideas off of each other constantly, everything felt natural and like it was the progression that the band needed to take. Shannon was a gun and took on to everything so fast. Recording with Chris Vernon is always a pleasure and has been our go to for years now, and we got the chance to work with Darcy Handley and Declan White, so it was definitely a collaboration of a lot of talented people.

The record was literally released in the first stages of a months long lockdown. How did you guys adapt to having to promote the release without live shows?

Promoting in that time was so uncertain, we couldn’t really make any plans for any sort of release show and it almost feels like that boat has sailed. It’s definitely hard to have to move onto new music when it feels like these songs didn’t get their fair share but it was still an awesome weird experience having to do everything digitally. We definitely did more playthroughs than we ever had and tried to get as many vids out as we could.

If you had to pick out a track for new listeners to start off with, what would it be?

Ego Death! It’s heavy, has a catchy chorus and you can never go wrong with some good pig squeals.

As a late addition to BYP IX, who else on the bill are you looking forward to seeing?

I’m keen to check out the lads in Some Heard Trouble, we had a show booked with them that got canned because of lockdown so it feels sick to get the chance to play with them again!

Who are five Aussie locals we should be paying attention to?

Future Static

What stands out as your favourite show to date as a band?

Our favourite show was probably opening up the show for Starve at Stay Gold earlier this year, the vibes were just perfect and the crowd was really digging our set. All the other bands smashed it too, absolute killer night.

Anything you’d like to leave us with before we let you go?

Everyone reading this better get down to Last Chance on the 10th as it’s gonna be an absolute palfest and we can’t wait to bring the heavies.

Check out Furious George along with The City, Some Heard Trouble, Evergreener and One Day Kings at BYP IX on July 10th! Tickets and event link below.




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