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Melbourne’s Everlyne are another fresh name within the scene and a band we couldn’t be more stoked to have on the bill. Playing an empowering and catchy brand of alternative rock, these guys already have people talking with the release of new single ‘I Own My Own’. We caught up with the band to discuss the song, it’s music video and how soon they can give us more.

You guys have burst onto the scene and made yourselves known with brand new single ‘I Own My Own’! Tell us a bit about the band and how you guys got started?

In early 2017 Nathan (guitar) and Jordan (bass) were involved in a locally run Freeza ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition where I (Mac) competed against them and met the guys for the first time. We were all in individual bands at the time that essentially eventuated to nothing, but it was only when Jordan and Nathan were searching for some band members to begin a new project a few months later that they approached me and offered the opportunity to jam at some relaxed rehearsals. We used to jam to a range of covers and even started to create some new/original music, however there was still one vital thing missing from our (at the time) alt-rock trio. As we all probably know, finding a suitable drummer can prove to be a difficult task. After months of rehearsing with many old friends and even searching for the golden candidate online, I was able to convince my good uni mate ‘Sam’ (drums) to tag along to a few rehearsals and essentially, the rest is history.

Take us through I Own My Own and its meaning lyrically?

I Own My Own is our debut single which was released in August this year (2019) and was the first song that we had ever written fully as a band. This was the first time that we had walked into a studio as a complete band and the experience was made completely seamless by having the privilege of working with Beau McKee.
The song itself was written as an ‘anthem’ for those searching for themselves as a person after facing any type of hardship and adversity in their lives. The song becomes climactic and creates a sense of togetherness during the bridge where we encourage everyone to chant the powerful lyrics ‘I Own My Own’. Ultimately this song was written for everyone to realise that they are their own person.

You also released a companion video clip recently. Who did you work with and what was the inspiration behind it?

For this video, we really wanted to create something raw and energetic, something that we could really enjoy and have fun with. We utilised a really large open warehouse space which gave us the freedom to really throw ourselves around, have a good time and bring our personalities to the forefront. We had the pleasure of working with Martin Wood (Gloom in the Corner & Dealer) under his videography label ‘Martin Wood Imagery’. As it was our first time stepping onto a music video set, Martin really made us feel comfortable and gave us a lot of creative insight as well as a lot of freedom to create something as close to our vision as possible.

How does an Everlyne song usually take shape from start to finish?

When we first begun writing our music, Nathan created a few instrumental tracks using ‘Reaper’ with some sampled drum tracks, layered guitars & bass. Eventually when we would sit down together and jam, I would bring my catalogue of lyrics (I have about 2-3 full books worth) and create melodies that would develop the overall ‘sound’ of the track. Once the basic elements and structures of the songs are finalised, we’re able to take a step back and fine-tune some specific components to really mould our sound.
In recent times, most of our music is being written at rehearsals, ideas are brought together and experimented by the whole band. We throw around ideas and we’re constantly bouncing off one another until we reach the final product.

Is there any other recorded material we are close to hearing?

We don’t want to give too much away…. But we have been back in the studio with Beau since the release of ‘I Own My Own’ and plan to release a new track early next year. 2020 is hopefully going to be a big year for Everlyne *fingers crossed*

If you could play with any band of your choice active or inactive, local or international who would it be?

As cliché as it might sound for a female alternative rock singer like myself, one day I would love the opportunity to share a stage with Paramore. Hayley Williams was a very big influence for me as a teenager not only as an artist, but also as a performer. On an international level, we would love to play with bands such as Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Stone Sour, Breaking Benjamin, Sleeping with Sirens, A Day to Remember or Four Year Strong.
Locally we think it would be awesome to play with bands such as Tired Lion, Trophy Eyes, Tonight Alive, Karnivool, Grinspoon, Between You and Me, Eat Your Heart Out, Stand Atlantic, The Beautiful Monument or Belle Haven.

We’re lucky enough to have you on board our next event on December 14th! Who else on the bill are you looking forward to seeing?

We are really excited to be part of this show and play alongside every other band on the bill. I’ve worked with Stand Tall in the past and I’m excited to see them again along with Distances who I’ve unfortunately never had the chance to see live.
We’re really keen to see Idle State play their first ever show, we will definitely be getting behind those guys!

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Letters To Amara – Put on an entertaining live show, really dig their most recent EP.
Future Static – Recently saw these guys live, really energetic live show and their newer songs seem to be a little heavier than their previous releases.
Stranger – Played with these guys recently, really tight and great sound, vocal range is unreal.
Excuse for an Exit – These guys have only released a couple of tracks but we’re really digging their alternative punk vibes.
A New Way Home – Recently saw these guys play live at the Bendigo Hotel, you can tell that they really love performing and were having loads of fun on-stage.

What’s the plan for 2020?

Following the release of our second single early next year, we are booked in to record an E.P and potentially another music video. We really want to spend some time over the break writing the best music possible whilst really trying to define our sound.

Anything you’d like to plug before we let you go?

Check out our debut single ‘I Own My Own’ and keep your eyes peeled for our new track early 2020!

Catch Everlyne along with DistancesStand Tall and Idle State at our upcoming BYP Matinee event on December 14th at Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar. RSVP, pick up a ticket via the links below and join us for an amazing afternoon of great local music.



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