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Idle State are a brand new name in the Melbourne music scene. With former members from some well established Melbourne bands and a fresh yet familiar emo throwback sound, Idle State feel like something local music desperately needs right now. For all these reasons and more, booking them for our next matinee show was an absolute no brainer! We spoke to the guys about their inception, music released and to be released and how they’re feeling about getting up on stage for the first time.

You guys are brand new to the music scene. How did the band get started?

Yeah, we’ve only really been a band for the last three or four months. I had been talking with Peder about jamming on some music I’d been writing that I wanted to put out for fun then over Christmas last year Peder was catching up with Theo for drinks so I tagged along and we hit it off. When he got home from the UK we went around to his place and started demoing ideas. Luke came along to the first demoing sessions having known Peder through a friend and later on we got Adrian involved to finish off the line up.

A couple of you have been in bands before. Tell us about those projects and if your experience in music shaped how you approached creating Idle State?

We had all done bands previously. I did The Playbook. Peder played in a band previously called Last Living Thing with Theo and before that they were both doing other things over the years, similar to Luke before moving  to Australia. Adrian used to drum for Assemble The Empire back in the day and more recently The Sinking Teeth. I think writing this first batch of stuff we didn’t really think too much about it, we just kinda wanted to put out music so we could play shows. We’re going to start working on new music again soon and it’ll be a lot more involved and probably reflect some more of our influences for this band.

Who would you say are the biggest influences on the band?

I know we’ve all got a huge range of influences but I’ll speak for myself personally. My biggest influences when writing for this band are some of my favourites like Mineral, Jimmy Eat World, Arrows, Empire! Empire! (i was a lonely estate) and then throwing in some more of a punk sound like Name Taken, Northstar and The Wonder Years etc. Hopefully they’ll show through on some of the music we’re working on!

Winter In Brunswick was your first recorded music released to the world. Tell us about the track and it’s journey from first being written to recorded?

When Winter In Brunswick was first recorded we had only been jamming together for a week or two. I’d sent the guys a Dropbox full of acoustic song ideas and we just kinda picked a few to work on. That was the first one that came together easily and got us in the groove of playing with each other and helped us find the sound we’re going for.

Word on the street is your debut EP is just around the corner. Care to tell us from what we can expect from the newer songs?

Yep! It’ll be out soon! The songs all kinda fit together as a release. There isn’t anything too jarring that sounds out of place. Winter In Brunswick and Any Better are the two kind of slower tracks while the other three are more upbeat. We’re kinda trying to bring our influences from older emo bands while keeping it hooky and living within the punk world.

We’re lucky enough to be hosting your debut show at our upcoming BYP event. Who else on the bill are you keen on seeing?

We’re really looking forward to seeing all the bands play! I’ve seen Stand Tall and Distances played with Playbook before so I’m looking forward to seeing both bands again. I haven’t seen Everlyne yet but I really liked the single they put out!

Are there any nerves for you guys getting up stage for the first time together?

If I said no then I’d be lying haha. We’re putting in a few extra practices before to make sure we’re ready for the show though! It’s not so much nerves about playing together, it’s more how the songs will translate to a room of people we don’t know that I’m nervous about. Hopefully everyone can check out the EP before the show so they can be familiar with our music!

Out of Download, Good Things and Unify, who would you say produced the best lineup?

Again, I’m speaking for myself. I think all the line ups had a fair few good bands and it’s good to see some local bands on the line ups but I have to say hands down that download has me. Purely for MCR and JEW! Two of my all time favourite bands so I can’t go passed that.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Repeat Script which is some really good emo tinged rock, Bukowski that are some great friends of mine playing some really good music, Goodbye Party who released two really good singles this year, Oldtown who are a southern/hardcore band from Brisbane that if you love early ETID or He Is Legend you’ll dig and not music but I wanna shout out a good friend Laura that did a show at Melbourne Fringe Festival called “Let Meowt” and it was great! Keep an eye out for when she does some more performances or catch that one if it comes back!

What’s the plan for 2020?

We were just kinda working things out recently actually! Theo goes bkack home to the UK for Christmas so Peder and I are going to start working on an EP we’re hoping to have out around March/April. I’ve already been bouncing voice memos over to the guys that will hopefully become songs for the next release! We’re really just hoping to stay active with putting out music consistently since it’s so easy now with the internet. Otherwise we’re hoping to jump on a few shows next year!

Catch Idle State along with Distances, Stand Tall and Everlyne at our upcoming BYP Matinee event on December 14th at Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar. RSVP, pick up a ticket via the links below and join us for an amazing afternoon of great local music.



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