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Melbourne punk rock outfit Stand Tall have been a BY favourite for many years now. Playing a raw, grunge tinged brand of punk reminiscent of Title Fight and Superheaven, the guys are filling a void in the local scene and are set to break out. After taking some time away the guys are back and better than ever. We spoke to the guys about their most recent single Moulded, their time spent on the sidelines and what 2020 holds for them.

You guys had a quiet start to 2019 but have come on strong with a bunch of shows to cap off the year. What was the reason behind the break?

Unfortunately our bassist Michael departed the band in early March of this year which kind of put things to a hault, so a portion the year was trying to find another bassist. No bad blood between us, sometimes life just takes you in different directions. We also had a few members spend some time travelling overseas which also put things on hold. Since it’s all done now, we’re back where we started and are going to continue pushing forward !

Your most recent single Moulded was produced and engineered by the legendary Beau McKee. What was it like working with scene royalty and how hands on was his input in the music?

The legendary Beau McKee! Working with Beau was a breeze! We went in with a specific sound that we wanted and he just nailed it. We had great chemistry with Beau and he even helped us improve upon our sound here and there. Definitely recommend this man because he’s a wiz and we would love to return to the studio to work with him again!

You also released a companion music video for the song. Who did you work with and what was the experience like?

Martin Wood was the man behind the cam in the Moulded video! I approached him with the simple idea of “dark room and lights” and he wanted to do exactly that for his next video anyway, so everything lined up perfectly! It was our first experience in music video production and we’re extremely happy with it.

Is there any new music around the corner?

We’ve got a full set of new material that we’re already playing at shows and we’ll tell you that it’s not to far from being tracked and released sometime next year !

You’ve been a band now since 2016 making you scene veterans. What are some of the lessons you guys have learned since starting the band?

1. 2015 actually, we’re old lol.
2. When recording guitars, gotta use the D.I signal (sarcasm).
3. It is very hard work being in a band, trying to push your music out there to the lovely people and trying to organise shows with other things going on in life also.
4. After all this time we have learned a lot about the scene and the incredible upcoming musicians always blow us away. Even though we’ve been around for a while, to be able to still play and write music makes it all worth it.

Has the songwriting procedure changed over the years?

It’s been a long journey from 2015 to now and we can well and officially say that Stand Tall has found its sound. It’s definitely heavier and darker than our earlier stuff and it just feels right. Obviously with listening to new bands comes new influences and you can see that in the new music. We’re super eager to get it out there.

You guys have become a staple of Born Yesterday shows with the upcoming gig being your third with us. Who on the upcoming bill are you most keen on seeing?

Honestly just pumped to see Mr Mikey Moore with another stage jump, make it happen dude!

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Future Static
Drastic Park
And of course DISTANCES

What’s the plan for 2020?

New music and more shows!
See you all at Unify, Good Things, Invasion Fest, Download, Big Day Out and Soundwave!

Any parting words?

We’ve been hiding in a cave for a while and are ready to jump out, so get keen for a Stand Tall you haven’t seen before!

Catch Everlyne along with DistancesStand Tall and Idle State at our upcoming BYP Matinee event on December 14th at Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar. RSVP, pick up a ticket via the links below and join us for an amazing afternoon of great local music.



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