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Peninsula melodic hardcore outfit Minetta are building something big. The boys wasted no time after the release of their recent three track ‘Seperation & Growth’, releasing a music video for the cleverly titled ‘&’, playing a heap of shows and even beginning to work on their follow up release. As a late addition to BYP VII, we couldn’t be happier to have them on board. We spoke to vocalist Ricky about the new record, the making of their music video and even newer music.

What’s been happening since we spoke to you guys last?

Since we’ve spoken last time, we’ve released a video taken from our recent EP for the track “&”, played some shows in support of the release, and have been full steam on the writing front!

We’re a few months removed from the release of Separation & Growth. How has the response been?

We’ve had a really positive response so far for Separation & Growth from a mixed range of listeners. For the first time, I’ve seen a few strangers with no mutual friends to anyone in the band, at a couple of our shows singing along, so that was pretty cool!

Tell us about the creation of the music video for ‘&’?

The music video for “&” essentially came about at one of our jams when we were discussing the meaning behind the lyrical content. As the house that the song was mostly created in has great significance to our lives as we all spent a lot of time either living or jamming there, we thought it made sense to pay homage to the Huntly house before we moved out.
Our ideas for the video were expanded on when I came to Cian Marangos (director) with the idea for the video over coffee early last year.

He took a lyric line “the only company some keep, is the light under their fridge” very literally, and had us scavenge some old and beaten up fridges from anywhere that we could get them, and had them laid around the room at various angles. The end result, a story is told skipping between the past and present of a young mans life. He is haunted, living in regret as he reflects on his past decisions that have ultimately lead him here. Cian really captured what we were going for and was so good to work with, we’re so stoked with how it turned out.

Now that the 3 track is a few months, has work begun on new material?

We are working on new material, yes. Separation & Growth was the perfect stepping stone for us as we have begun writing towards our first full length. While we are still playing shows, we have been delegating most of our jam time to writing new material.

What direction would you say the new stuff is taking?

The new material draws a lot of the same influences as our earlier stuff, but since majority of our earlier music was written between 2-3 years ago, our style and influences have definitely evolved. This full length will be the first release with our new guitarist (Subtle Tobes), who has brought a whole different influence to the table. And now, that none of us are going over seas/ we have no deadline, we are really taking the time to fine tune our best material yet. Minetta is always going to be Minetta, we won’t stray too far from our roots, but we are most definitely growing in the best way possible.

Take us through the Minetta writing process?

Our writing process almost always begins with one of the boys (Level or TOB) coming up with a riff, Danny always has some ridiculous (in the best possible way) spin on how that part of the song is going to feel, and nuts out his beats. Patty, always has some tasty runs to chuck in once the skeleton is set out. And then, I’ve got more notes, poems and dribble in my phone than you could even imagine (613 currently), all ready to be shaped into lyrical content.

We have you on board as a late addition to BYP VII. Who else on the bill are you keen to see?

I’m honestly really keen to check out all of the bands. I’ve never seen any of them live before, but I am always really excited to check out any local music that is new to me. I mean the obvious pick is Maefire, their full length is grouse! The production and song writing that has gone into the album is so solid. Also without realising that it was them (thanks Spotify suggested), I have been digging the tracks off Glass Tides EP from last year “Thoughts” those guys are sick!

Who are some new Aussie locals on your radar at the moment?

I said this in the last time that we had a chat, and I’ll say it again – Idle Eyes and Statues from Perth, both bands deserve your attention. Also totally different genre, but the Palpatines from Melbourne are releasing their first EP this week which is definitely worth checking out.

Also anyone who doesn’t listen to Hindsight needs to get better speakers for the rock they have been living under.

Any parting words?

We have spent the past few years slowly writing but always with the back of mind thoughts that members would be going overseas for extended periods of time. This year we are back. We’ve released a three track, a video and are playing regular shows. We are writing consistently for a full length, and nobody is going anywhere. 2019, Interstate and local shows, more music videos and an album. We’re back!

Catch Minetta along with Maefire, Glass Tides (SA), Letters to Amara, and Social Skills at our upcoming BYP VII show on October 27th at the Reverence Hotel! Make sure to RSVP to the EVENT and invite all your mates to make this a big party.




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