Dover Island – Bad Advice Club REVIEW

ARTIST: Dover Island TITLE: Bad Advice Club REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG Think about a good friend you haven't seen in a while, now imagine spotting them at a party and them walking over to give you a hug. “Bad Advice Club” is that hug, one that envelops you, arms wrapped around with pats on the Read More

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BYP Matinees – Introducing Stand Tall

Melbourne punk rock outfit Stand Tall have been a BY favourite for many years now. Playing a raw, grunge tinged brand of punk reminiscent of Title Fight and Superheaven, the guys are filling a void in the local scene and are set to break out. After taking some time away the guys are back and Read More

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BYP Matinees – Introducing Everlyne

Melbourne's Everlyne are another fresh name within the scene and a band we couldn't be more stoked to have on the bill. Playing an empowering and catchy brand of alternative rock, these guys already have people talking with the release of new single 'I Own My Own'. We caught up with the band to discuss Read More

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BYP Matinees: Introducing Idle State

Idle State are a brand new name in the Melbourne music scene. With former members from some well established Melbourne bands and a fresh yet familiar emo throwback sound, Idle State feel like something local music desperately needs right now. For all these reasons and more, booking them for our next matinee show was an Read More

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INTERVIEW – The Comfort

Brisbane's The Comfort are one of Australia's most beloved bands. After singing to Greyscale Records back in 2018, the guys released their debut album 'What It Is To Be' which while generally warmly received, seemed somewhat divisive among their more long-term fanbase. Undeterred, the band went on to release brand new single 'Pain' which pushed Read More

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All Hours – Black Rose REVIEW

ARTIST: All Hours TRACK: Black Rose REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG Animated, anarchic and just a little bit jaded, All Hours latest single 'Black Rose' is a solid progression on their existing sound. Building on from their last EP 'The Brightside', fans can expect more of their signature neon pop infused rock melodies with just a Read More

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Homestate – Sunny Day REVIEW

ARTIST: Homestate SONG: Sunny Day REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG Pop punk is a genre that transcends time and age. No matter how many angst-ridden songs about love, anxiety or depression are written, it's all so relatable. 'Sunny Days' with its’ catchy riffs and infectious feel good melodies upon closer inspection is actually not so sunny. Read More

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INTERVIEW – Oceans Inside

Changing vocalists is never an easy task, but that's exactly what Oceans Inside have done and returned stronger than ever. After some brief inactivity on the live front to get things perfect and ready, the guys are back and ready to make their charge in the alternative music scene. We caught up with the band Read More

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The Daily Chase – Freedom/Fiction REVIEW

ARTIST: The Daily Chase TITLE: Freedom/Fiction REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG Sullen at times with pain filled yearning, yet also blistering with anger, The Daily Chase's latest single “Freedom/Fiction” is a raw, emotion charged rarity. Filled with chugging breakdowns we all love carried by powerful screams, metalcore lovers need to get around this heavy delight. With Read More

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