Reside – Fallen REVIEW

ARTIST: Reside TRACK: Fallen REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG Buckle up and tighten your laces friends, as 'Fallen' by Reside is an intense ride! Desolation, eerieness , anger and longing are just some of the flashes of colour in this track. An earnest display of passion infused between piercing guitars, and thunderous drums, this track will Read More

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A Swift Farewell – The Fire REVIEW

ARTIST: A Swift Farewell TRACK: The Fire REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG A cheerful upbeat tune that will please pop punkers, 'The Fire' by A Swift Farewell has all the right parts, including the dispirited lyrics. In true pop punk fashion, it’s happy sounds and sad lyrical content. Looking like you’re having fun, but actually you’re Read More

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Terra – Into Deep Blue REVIEW

ARTIST: Terra RELEASE: Into Deep Blue REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG Regaling in soft spoken elegance, 'Into Deep Blue' is Terra’s latest effort, and first acoustic EP. Showing a slow, pared back sound not previously heard in their work, it's a delightfully surprising change. Comprising of new single 'Song for Maddie', and acoustic versions of two Read More

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The Dead Love – My Friends REVIEW

ARTIST: The Dead Love RELEASE: My Friends REVIEW BY JAMES DOMINKO Coming off of 2019’s mammoth 'The Extinction of Unicorns', Sydney’s Punk legends The Dead Love have come out with COVID-19’s first (to my knowledge) isolation banger. The 3 minute gem 'My Friends' is in no way reinventing the wheel, but I can guarantee that Read More

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Draftday – Misspent REVIEW

ARTIST: Draftday RELEASE: Misspent REVIEW BY JAMES DOMINKO When I think about the Australian music scene, the biggest hotspots have always been Melbourne and Sydney (with my heart always holding a special personal place for Tassie). But Darwin isn’t exactly a place you hear a lot of music coming out of. Aside from Tapestry, I Read More

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Squid Fishing – Elevator REVIEW

ARTIST: Squid Fishing RELEASE: Elevator REVIEW BY JAMES DOMINKO I’ve definitely made a lot of mistakes in my musical time. Missing Squid Fishing play Night 3 of Till The Wheels Fall Off 2019 in light of getting some dinner is definitely one of them. Thankfully, I managed to catch them supporting Tiny Moving Parts on Read More

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All Time Low – Wake Up, Sunshine REVIEW

ARTIST: All Time Low RELEASE: Wake Up, Sunshine REVIEW BY DANIEL DELACEY All Time Low are a staple name in the scene, getting spun at your local emo club and helping you relive your yesteryears (good or bad). The band is back and the electronics are gone, but it’s all too familiar. Some Kind Of Read More

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Future Static – Dead End (REVIEW)

ARTIST: Future Static TRACK: Dead End REVIEW BY JAMES DOMINKO A lot can be said for a band that decides to expand their lineup and experiment with a new sound. When we have this conversation it typically revolves around a heavy band trying something a bit poppier. However today it’s the opposite for Melbourne’s Future Static. Read More

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Alt – nothingwithoutyou (REVIEW)

ARTIST: Alt. TRACK: nothingwithoutyou REVIEW BY JAMES DOMINKO I'm not going to lie to you, alt. was a band that was completely off my radar. However, after some digging, it dawned on me that I had caught them under their previous moniker "After Change" a couple of times. That said, their new single is a Read More

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