YESTERDAYFEST – Introducing A New Way Home

One of the most talked about Melbourne local pop punk outfits would have to be A New Way Home. After the release of their excellent debut EP Growing Pains, the guys have been riding high with momentum getting on some great lineups and earning the appreciation and respect of punters and other muso's alike. We Read More

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YESTERDAYFEST – Introducing Everlyne

It's tough for a band like Everlyne who formed right before the pandemic. With new music recorded and shows booked, everything had to be put on hold. Now that things are now under control (touch wood), the band are finally ready to hit the ground running and we're honoured to have their return set at Read More

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YESTERDAYFEST – Introducing Some Heard Trouble

Some Heard Trouble are definitely a name to watch in 2021. After releasing some amazing singles through 2019 and 2020, the boys have just released their brand new EP Scorpion which is already turning heads. When it came to booking a new band for Yesterday Fest, bringing on SHT was an absolute no brainer. We Read More

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Reside – Fallen REVIEW

ARTIST: Reside TRACK: Fallen REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG Buckle up and tighten your laces friends, as 'Fallen' by Reside is an intense ride! Desolation, eerieness , anger and longing are just some of the flashes of colour in this track. An earnest display of passion infused between piercing guitars, and thunderous drums, this track will Read More

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A Swift Farewell – The Fire REVIEW

ARTIST: A Swift Farewell TRACK: The Fire REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG A cheerful upbeat tune that will please pop punkers, 'The Fire' by A Swift Farewell has all the right parts, including the dispirited lyrics. In true pop punk fashion, it’s happy sounds and sad lyrical content. Looking like you’re having fun, but actually you’re Read More

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INTERVIEW – Everlyne

The world is an entirely different place than it was nine months ago and bands have had to completely change their approach to releasing music and other content. Melbourne's Everlyne were really on a roll before the Corona Virus brought everything to a screeching halt, but luckily before lock-down happened the band were able to Read More

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Terra – Into Deep Blue REVIEW

ARTIST: Terra RELEASE: Into Deep Blue REVIEW BY STEPHANIE TANG Regaling in soft spoken elegance, 'Into Deep Blue' is Terra’s latest effort, and first acoustic EP. Showing a slow, pared back sound not previously heard in their work, it's a delightfully surprising change. Comprising of new single 'Song for Maddie', and acoustic versions of two Read More

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INTERVIEW – Tides Collide

Melbourne metalcore outfit Tides Collide are riding high after the release of their debut EP. Working with some great names to bring their vision to light, the boys have already moved on to writing some new music. We caught up with the band to discuss their newest single Not the End, the accompanying music video Read More

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Sydney's Reliqa are an exciting name in alternative metal right now. After releasing their new single 'Mr Magic' in late April the band inked an exciting new deal with Destroy All Lines' brand new booking agency. With a bright future ahead, we caught up with the band to discuss Mr Magic, their writing process and Read More

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INTERVIEW – Once Were Lost

Back before the corona virus took away live music, Melbourne punk rock outfit Once Were Lost were one of the most active bands on the live circuit. With three EP's under their belts and a new single almost ready to be dropped, the boys are well positioned to hit the ground running once lockdown lifts. Read More

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