Hi there,
Let me introduce myself, my names Mikey.
I’m a twenty something clinging to the idea that not only is live alternative music NOT dead, but it is alive and well in Melbourne.

Too many bands bust their asses playing shows for no money, no recognition and very little encouragement from the music industry as a whole.
But let me tell you this, while venues are closing their doors, record labels shutting up shop and social media websites abusing their power by limiting the reach of your voice, I still see a big heart beating.

Community is what got me into punk rock, you can be the biggest fuck up imaginable and still be a part of it.

The idea of this website is to pull together all those sick of the bullshit.
To bring to light so many of the amazing bands the live alternative music scene has to offer.
We’re not here to make money, we just love meeting people, having a few too many¬†beers and listening to good music.

We love hearing from anyone so if you want to get in contact for any reason at all, email me at
Send us your music, send us your upcoming gigs, send us your feedback/suggestions, we wanna know about it all.