EXCLUSIVE – A Swift Farewell ‘What You Wanted’ Premiere + Interview

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A Swift Farewell are a new pop punk band out of Sydney and we’ve been lucky enough that they’ve let us premiere their long awaited debut single ‘What You Wanted’. Combining catchy melodies and a big punchy sound, these guys are a band you’ll no doubt see a lot more of from here on out. We caught up with the band to learn about their inception, the new song and what the rest of 2019 will look like for the band.

We’re here to premiere your brand new single “What You Wanted”! Tell us about the track and the meaning behind it lyrically?

Sarah: ‘What You Wanted’ is actually the first song we’ve written together as a group from scratch. The lyrics tell the story of letting go of an unstable relationship that never stays the same, with one partner in complete control, forever leaving and coming back. It is about realizing that this relationship is toxic and that you’re better off walking away, even if it kills you to do so, even when you can’t close your eyes without seeing their face.

How did A Swift Farewell begin as a band?

Ryo: We officially started together since January this year, each auditioning one at a time.

What’s the significance of the band name?

Noah: It came from a Neck Deep song.

Honestly, songwriting was much easier for us than choosing our name! I think we only called ourselves A Swift Farewell by March!

What’s the songwriting process usually like for A Swift Farewell song?

Emma: Sometimes it starts from a riff, melody or a drum beat by one of the guys. And then we usually take it home and build on it from there. Everyone adds their own flavour on it. Or sometimes someone will come in with a full song, and then again we will put our own spin to it.

Will “What You Wanted” be a part of a larger release going forward or is it a stand-alone single for now?

Noah: It is the first single from our upcoming EP.

If you could share the stage with any Australian band, who would it be?

Ryo: The Getaway Plan, Stand Atlantic, and The Last Dinosaurs!

Noah: Tired Lion, Press Club, or WAAX.

Sarah: Stand Atlantic, Grenade Jumper.

Emma: Hands Like Houses, With Confidence, Tonight Alive and 5 Seconds Of Summer. I’m aiming high haha.

Dwayne: Hands Like Houses, Redhook, and Yours Truly.

Who are a few of your favourite Aussie locals?

Emma: A lot of the bands we admire and aspire to share a stage with are Sydney locals. Redhook, Yours Truly, Grenade Jumper and others such as Flicker, On The Verge, Oaks and Down for Tomorrow. The scene is killing it at the moment!

Can we expect to see you guys in Melbourne soon?

Emma: Hopefully!! No plans yet, but keep an eye out, anything can happen.

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?

Ryo: We’ve got a couple more shows lined up that have just been confirmed. But pretty much aim to play as much as we can, release another single, and take some awkward Christmas photos!

Anything you’d like to plug or leave us with?

Dwayne: Checkout my Spotify playlist for local Pop Punk music! But on a more important note we have a show on August 6th at Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville! Come say hi!

There you have it folks. Give the band a follow on FACEBOOK and be sure to catch them at their upcoming show on August 6th at Lazybones Lounge!



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