EXCLUSIVE – Excuse For An Exit ‘My Solace Ain’t Here’ Premiere + Interview

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At Born Yesterday, we’re enormous fans of Excuse For An Exit. They absolutely blew us away when we had them on one of our BYP Matinees last year and when they got in contact with us offering to let us premiere a track off their brand new EP ‘Hot Mess’ we just couldn’t say no. We’ve been gifted an exclusive stream of new track ‘My Solace Ain’t Here’ and we were lucky enough to get some insights about the song, their new record and what 2020 will look like for the band.

We’re here to premiere a new track off your upcoming debut EP Hot Mess! Tell us about the track and the meaning behind it?

Lyrically, it’s about the end of a relationship – you never forget your first heartbreak. It might catch some people off guard, it’s a bit of a ballad!

How did you guys approach the writing of it?

We usually build off an instrumental or a vocal theme. This song was fun in that it started as vocal concept in an odd time signature. We developed it into this huge dynamic piece, but it further transformed and flourished when we bought it to the studio.

We’re due to hear the whole record on 27/3. Should we expect any surprises musically with the rest of the tracks?

Each track is its own mood swing! We really want to deliver a diverse experience, whilst still maintaining our own sound consistent throughout. ‘My Solace Ain’t Here’ is one of the more intricate tracks, we had a blast recording the gang vocals at the end! *spoilers

Who did you work with to make the record and how was the experience?

Ash Daws and Evan Lee at The Loud Noise Estate. We’re so thankful to them for helping us find our sound and round off this EP. It was a massive learning experience and there was a tonne of take-aways for us as artists and performers.

Obviously due to the current circumstances we won’t be able to see you guys do a launch show soon but are there plans to head interstate once all the craziness dies down?

For sure! We want to play the crap outta this EP to whoever will listen. We have an ever-growing list of venues and interstate bands we would love to play with.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Squid Fishing
The Dead Lips
Dal Santo
Future Static

Any parting words before we let you go?

Look after yourself and your loved ones throughout this mess. Stay in, crank some aussie artists, support the industry and trading as much as you are able. As soon as we’re able, we will be jumping on a stage near you!

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