EXCLUSIVE: Fiveash ‘I Never’ Music Video Premiere + Interview

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Sydney’s Fiveash have come leaps and bounds since their inception in late 2017. After releasing their best material yet on two track ‘After Everything’ in June, the guys have come out with a music video for track I Never which they were generous to let us premiere. We took some time to discuss the clip with vocalist Joshua McKay along with their trip down to Melbourne.

We’re here to premiere your new video for I Never! Who was the clip made with?

Thanks heaps! It was made Neck Up Films, which is run by Guy Vears and Chris Zagas. Nicest dudes. They also play in a killer band called Heists, check them out

The video features you guys playing in a cosy little room inside a house. Was this house one of your own?

We found this place by accident to be completely honest! Guy recommended a website for creative spaces, I clicked on a random page and this was the first result and it just looked real aesthetic!

Obviously you would have had to make a bit of noise during the making of the clip. Were there any complaints from neighbours?

Well it was filmed in the inner west of Sydney, Glebe to be precise, and we had passer-bys looking through the window trying to have a look but we were surprised that no noise complaints actually happened. Even when the smoke machine set off the huge fire alarm we didn’t have trouble. Gonna put it all down to luck

How many takes did it require to get it all right?

Honestly lost count. It was a hell of a lot of fun, the boys knew exactly what shots to do and lined it all up wonderfully. Being our first music video we ever shot we learnt a lot in the process, but the day just blurred together

We’re lucky enough to have you boys in town for a show on Friday. What are you most looking forward to while being down here?

I’m personally really looking forward to just Melbourne itself, I love the city but I’m really keen to see what the scene is like down there. Also very keen to meet lots of new friends and see some incredible bands. We got most of the bands we wanted to play with (only one we couldn’t get was Stuck Out 😪) so very much looking forward to a good show.
Also the food. Melbourne has top notch burgers.

Can we expect to hear a new song or two during your set?

Yeah, we’ve been writing material for just under a year so will be testing some new stuff that we have ready to go now.

With After Everything being a few months old now, how soon can we expect a new release?

Were just finishing writing a few new tracks at the moment and we expect to be in the studio by mid January 2019! Definitely will be releasing some more stuff soon, AE was kind of like a tester, a foot in the water so to speak. Were going all in on our next release, and we’re very keen to get it out.

Any parting words?

Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

Be sure to catch the guys on their Melbourne weekender. Dates and details below!





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