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When BYP alumni Deluso announced they were calling it quits we were devastated. But when we heard members Era Brightwell and Danny Mothershaw were starting up a new project titled Ghost College, we were extremely excited to hear some new music and learn about the band. The guys were generous enough to let us premiere their debut single ‘Apartment’ which as a fan of Deluso, certainly has the same charm, catchiness and raw qualities we loved.
Check out ‘Apartment’ below and read further to learn about the band and a bit about their plans for 2020.

Thanks for chatting with us guys! How did Ghost College begin?

ERA – It all started when I messaged Chris saying we should start something up with him on guitar and myself on bass/vocals. I knew Chris from his band Hound and we had played a few gigs together in the past. We had also shared the stage singing the Bad Religion song “You” together at a Tony Hawk Pro Skater tribute show. I invited Danny along for a jam with us and it all clicked really well. I ended up using the very first riff we made up on the spot as a chorus for a song.

You guys have a very cool band name. Tell us about the inspiration behind it?

CHRIS – Era read an ABC News article about a “Ghost College” scam down in Melbourne. We did a bit of a google search and it hadn’t been taken as a band name yet which is kind of rare. We lived with the name for a bit and through a process of elimination we decided to keep it. We’re also fans of a select few old college rock groups like REM, The Replacements, and Husker Du, so that sort of tied it in together musically.

Who were some of the influences when writing your music?

ERA – The Fiddlehead album “Springtime and Blind” has been a pretty big inspiration for me. The old Heavens album “Patent Pending” has had a few replays lately, as well as The Muffs “Blonder and Blonder” (RIP Kim).

CHRIS – The really big bands for me over the years have been stuff like Mogwai, Sonic Youth, The Cure… Big mentions go to Superdrag and Black Marble (who have very little to do with our style but has to get a shout anyway).

We’re premiering your excellent new single Apartment. What’s the song about and how was the recording process?

ERA – It’s just a song about living alone in an old apartment. I guess I wanted to project a mood of self-defiance against my own occasional apathy. It’s like “Hey, I don’t actually give a fuck. I’m free to do what I want.” We recorded it with Darek Mudge who is really into 90s Alternative Rock, and he is always amazing to work along side.

Obviously the world is at a complete stand still at the moment but how likely is it that we see you down in Victoria to promote the single?

ERA – Yeah we’ll get down there for sure, eh boys? It’s just a matter of when.

CHRIS – Yeah fully. Every time I go to Melbourne I feel like I’m gonna be brought back in an urn. I enjoy cheating death so I’ll see you there when the world is off standby.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Down For Tomorrow (Syd), Sleepwell (Bne), Miners (Syd), Romero (Melb), Distant Witch (Bne)

If Corona ended tomorrow, who would be first on your list to go see live?

ERA – Nirvana. Oh, wait…
CHRIS – Pixies, cause I already have tickets

Any parting words before we let you go?

ERA – Please go follow us on socials. It’s the only audience we have at the moment.

Give the guys a follow on FACEBOOK to stay updated on tour dates (when live music starts again I guess) and further news.



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