EXCLUSIVE: Jack Rieveley ‘Ember’ Premiere + Interview

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Many of you, including myself would know Jack Rieveley from his work as frontman of the amazing hardcore outfit No Way Out and more recently the rock focused Grave Street. In another great display of versatility, he’s branched out with a new solo project under his own name to make atmospheric and moody indie rock which is sure to fit right into your soundtracks for gloomy rainy days and pensive night drives. Jack was generous enough to let us premiere a song off his upcoming new record and have a chat with us about the projects inception, the recording process and his inspirations for taking the solo leap.

Thanks for talking to us and let us premiere Ember! Give us a bit of a background on the song and it’s meaning?

Thank you! This is the first of a collection of songs I’ve written over the last few years while playing in other bands and just finally took time to put something together. It was all a huge learning curve for me so I appreciate anyone checking it out.

These lush and dreamy soundscapes are quite different from what we’re used to hearing from you. What made you want to go down this path and leave hardcore and rock behind?

Just always wanted to try something more melodic and stripped back, But yeah most definitely not leaving heavy music behind. I’m still working on another release with RUN once all of this gets back to some kind of normalcy.

What was some of the influences on the music?

I listened to a lot of Scott Ruth, Jesse Barnett’s solo record ‘Wish you were here’, Brian Fallon and always Jeff Buckley.

Who was the song recorded with?

I recorded with Sam Johnson at Holes and Corners in Melbourne. He is a great friend and I owe him a lot.

Is this part of a larger release to come down the track or just a stand-alone single?

Yeah I’ve got an EP that will be available online April 20 and hopefully a physical release to follow.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Shout out to TV Dinners, Tim Smyth and Holy Trash, The New Foley record is so rad, anything Hugo Costin does and if you like it heavy New Justice for the Damned!

Can we expect to see some live shows when venues start opening back up?

For sure! But as we all aware the world is extremely strange for everyone, musicians included so get around anything you can! Be apart of your community and support local stores.

Anything you’d like to leave us with?

Just with everything going on musicians, producers, sound engineers etc need support so  working with TV Dinners frontman Nathan Williams and Back Burner Record’s we’ve got together with as many bands as we can to put together compilations for Donations towards the Support Act Charity so hope to continue working on that. Any help, bands/artist wanting to get involved hit us up on Instagram @backburner_records



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