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It’s been four years since the last Forever Came Calling release. With the band seemingly falling into limbo after the release of 2014’s What Matters Most, the boys are finally back with new EP Retro Future. Although it’s been a long time between drinks, the band don’t appear to have missed a beat with all the best elements of Forever Came Calling still being intact and while being a little older, they’re definitely a lot wiser too.

Opening number Mine to Mould really feels like an old friend you’ve just bumped into and it’s like no time has passed. It’s everything you love about FCC but with a much larger sense of vulnerability. The big riffs of the intro along with the tense emotional verses prove just how skilled as songwriters these boys are, showing they can move from melancholy to dynamite pop hooks seamlessly.

Record standout Kansas City has the same ‘shot out of a cannon’ energy we know and love from frontman Joe Candelaria and plenty of guts in the rhythm section showing that FCC haven’t lost their balls whatsoever. The track crescendos nicely in the bridge where the thumping overdriven guitars really drive it home.

Previously released single Borrowed Cars shows off Candelaria’s clever word play throughout the verses, most notably in catchy line ‘I noticed you put down your pen, a little death came instantly / Regain control, focus, compose. Open my mouth and let it all fall out’. The dynamics and transition from verse to the anthemic choruses are nailed again and again throughout the record and Borrowed Cars is a prime example.

If there was a slight criticism to be made of the record, while most songs are all bang, EP closer Wish feels like a bit of a whimper. It’s not that it’s a bad song, it just doesn’t really stack up to the rest of the record in terms of impact and memorability and a strong closer would have really taken this record to the next level.

An album for old and new fans alike, Retro Future is a great album showcasing the bands maturity and musicianship while not straying too far from what makes their sound unique. Sure, the band aren’t breaking any new ground but it sounds like the guys are back to having fun and are back getting comfortable in their old skin again.

RATING: 8/10

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