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ARTIST: Homestate
SONG: Sunny Day

Pop punk is a genre that transcends time and age. No matter how many angst-ridden songs about love, anxiety or depression are written, it’s all so relatable. ‘Sunny Days’ with its’ catchy riffs and infectious feel good melodies upon closer inspection is actually not so sunny. Listen carefully and it’ll all be clear mid bop.

Starting with happy go lucky vibes, a strong beat and hyperactive guitars, there is clear and heavy influence from the likes of Neck Deep, The Wonder Years and Four Year Strong. Full of vivacious energy, it’s a thick shake made just right. Balancing feverishly pounding drums and heavy chord strumming with cheeky lightness, it’s gritty without being aggressive. Fun and lively, listening to this track is an instant mood booster.

Fraser’s resounding vocals match well with the fervent sound. It’s plaintive when needed but strong when the instrumentals build. Musically everything is locked tight. The drums are as precise as a ticking clock and so satisfying and hearing each snare hit at the end of each verse as vocals build really creates intrigue. There’s no breakdowns or major guitar solos to be found but it isn’t needed as the catchy chorus and steady rhythm is enough to drive the song forward.

Heavy guitars give ‘Sunny Days’ an edge but it’s full of dance-able bops and sounds like everyone is having a swell time. Then lyrics like “I just need time to get where you want me to be” hint at a deeper meaning and emotional layering. Having relationship problems? A career slump? An existential crisis? Could be anything, could be all of it. It’s a simple message but very personal and opens the track up to interpretation. This mostly makes up for the slightly repetitive chorus and luckily energy levels are maintained throughout the track not giving any chance for wandering interest.

Plucky guitars and hard hitting hooks played with gusto, “Sunny Days” is super charged and a delight. Get that old school circle pit rolling.

RATING: 8/10

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