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It’s a strange world for bands at the moment. Bands have been forced to cancel, reschedule and rethink their whole strategies when it comes to touring and releasing music. One band trying to make the best of a bad situation is Sydney pop rock outfit Capitol Affair who despite the industry being in complete flux have moved forward with the release of their lively and synth charged new single Medicate. We caught up with the band to discuss the new track, how COVID19 has effected them and what their plans are in isolation.

What’s been going on in the world of Capitol Affair?

Quite a bit! For the last couple of months we’ve been working super hard to get Medicate over the line and for it to finally be out is an awesome feeling!

Who would you say are the biggest influences on the band?

There are various bands and artists that influence us across many genres, but if it would be down to the top few artists then it would have to be The 1975, Paramore, The Maine and Panic At The Disco! They all impact our band in a different way and we incorporate different elements from each artist.

You’ve just released your excellent new single Medicate. How has the response been?

The response has been crazy, and the messages that we have been receiving from people has been so heart-warming. To know that people resonate with something that means so much to us is something that is really hard to describe.

Who did you guys record the song with and how hands on was their approach in putting the song together?

We recorded “Medicate” with the master, Chris Blancato, who was also assisted by the legend Joel Dias. They were very passionate throughout the whole recording process. They would continuously provide great advice and insight that helped shaped “Medicate” to what it is now. Chris is so experienced and professional, but at the same time he is always up for some good banter, so it was always so much fun going into his studio. We have recorded with Chris and Joel previously for our EP “City Lights” as well, where they helped us create a body of work that we are so proud of.

You released an accompanying music video. Who did you work with and what was the experience like?

We were lucky enough to work with a great friend of ours, Andrew Vaughan, a Brisbane based photographer/videographer! We flew him down to Sydney The making of the video felt very collaborative in regards to the actual shoot itself, but Andrew is an absolute master at what he does so we knew we were always in good hands! we shot the video in Tom’s garage and set the whole thing up ourselves so from the start of the shoot we felt like we were there to own it, to make the best video we can possibly make and I feel like we all did that. We had another good friend of ours, Brooke Harley, a Sydney based photographer, come and do some BTS photography work for us, along with taking the photo for the single art! It all felt like everyone was working as a unit to reach a collective goal.

The Corona Virus would have certainly ruined a lot of plans you guys had for the release of this new single. With all the uncertainty, have you been able to reschedule certain things or were you able to reschedule?

Yes, it definitely has been a struggle for everyone. We had our “Medicate” release show planned for May, which didn’t obviously go to plan, but we have been brainstorming ideas for us to adapt to the unfortunate situation. We ended up doing a livestream on the day after release to chat about the track and to give a bit of an insight on the stems and individual tracks that make up the bigger picture. In the meantime, we will be continuing to write heaps of music and will hopefully have something ready, sooner rather than later.

Releasing a single in the middle of a global pandemic would be extremely difficult. Did it make you guys change your approach at all?

I think in a way maybe we were a little bit more reserved and quiet on social media than we generally would’ve been, because life kind of gets in the way you know? But once it was out we knew people would take a bit of notice of what we were doing. So we’re excited to see what the future holds for us after everything settles down a little.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be listening to?

I would have to say “Headstrong,” “Waxflower,” “Grenade Jumper,” “Sinclair” and “Bloom” are definitely all worth listening to.

Any parting words?

We would like to thank everyone for the immense and continuous support for our band and what we do. Also thank you to those who have listened to “Medicate,” it honestly means the world to us. We hope everyone stays safe and is looking out for each other during these trying times.

Check out Medicate below and follow the boys on FACEBOOK to stay updated.



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