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The world is an entirely different place than it was nine months ago and bands have had to completely change their approach to releasing music and other content. Melbourne’s Everlyne were really on a roll before the Corona Virus brought everything to a screeching halt, but luckily before lock-down happened the band were able to get some exciting things done which we hope to see/hear before the year is over. We caught up with them to discuss these top secret projects, finding ways to stay relevant in lockdown and how they feel the music scene will fare after this pandemic is all over.

How has this COVID 19 virus been treating you guys?

COVID has been a ‘testing’ time not only for us, but for all bands in the music industry. Everyone has been impacted in one way or another but it has been extremely interesting to see the creative ways in which everyone has continued to consistently promote and expose new content to their fans!

Rumour has it that you guys have remained busy and have possibly been working on some new material. Would you guys be willing to share some info on that?

Absolutely! Prior to COVID lockdown we hit the studio with a catalogue of songs for our very first EP which is very exciting for us all. We’re working with the extremely talented dynamic duo, Callan Orr (Dream on Dreamer) & Beau McKee and can’t wait to release Everlyne’s newly developed sound into the world.

Has the pandemic influenced any of the lyrical content on the newer songs?

A lot of the recent lyric writing in the scene has been centralised around the feeling of isolation as well as one of inner reflection. The EP that we are currently producing presently involves a multitude of similar themes and whilst its lyrics are not being directly related to the COVID lockdown, we feel that our songs include extremely relatable & catchy hooks that are wholly open to the listener’s interpretation!

The pandemic has caused many bands to try and get creative with providing fans content by doing live Q&A’s as well as live streaming acoustic and sometimes even full band sets. Do you guys have anything like this planned for the lockdown?

It’s been incredible to see so many bands thinking and acting ‘outside the box’ due to the restrains that COVID has set upon us. Stage 4 lockdown proves extremely difficult for us all to be able to physically get together and be creative, however we regularly discuss our avenues and options to provide our fans content during lockdown. Keep your eyes peeled as we’re going to be working on something REALLY cool as lockdown restrictions ease!

It’s a sad reality that many of the Melbourne venues we’ve come to know and love likely won’t be reopening their doors once the lockdown lifts. How do you think the live scene will be effected and do you think we’ll be able to bounce back?

It’s definitely a sad reality that the live scene will take a major hit. With no Government support every part of the industry has already taken a hit and it could potentially take years to get back to where we once were. As a band, we’re slightly pessimistic at the thought of the big music suburbs of Melbourne returning to operate as vibrantly as they have been in past years. International borders certainly won’t open this year, and maybe not next year either which largely effects the festival scene in Melbourne. We believe that once lockdown laws are relaxed, with people free to attend live shows again, there will be a massive surge in show attendance around Melbourne, bringing huge support to the local bars and music venues currently doing it tough. We believe largely in the spirit of Melbourne music fans!

The lack of live shows have also put a massive strain on bands incomes with music streaming royalties not providing anything sufficient to make money from. Do you think this will put pressure on the streaming giants to up their royalty shares and do you think there will be any change?

Whilst there is a need for change, we feel as though there probably won’t be for quite a while. It’s an interesting subject to investigate…… Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify) mentioned that bands need to ‘work more’ because ‘creating an album every 2 years isn’t enough’ to justify raising royalty volumes. This brings to light the fact that Daniel Ek has never worked in the ‘nitty gritty’ depths of the industry before, never attempted to secure an income from being in a band and has never had to understand the financial stress and strain of releasing music (engineering, recording, videos, PR, marketing etc. the list goes on…….).  .2 cents a stream simply doesn’t provide artists with enough support to even slightly etch into those costs. All in all, its difficult to see much prompt change occurring in the near future in terms of royalty increases.

You guys played a bunch of great shows last year when things were still kicking. Do you any of the gigs stand out as your favourite?

Our most enjoyable show from last year was definitely supporting Inferiority Complex at their EP launch @ Gasometer Hotel with Future Static. As well as there being such a diverse & developed display of awesome music, we made some really great friends and had an awesome time celebrating the release with everyone! We’re really excited to catch up with the guys from IC again at YesterdayFest!

If you guys could pick a handful of bands to share your first gig back with, who would be on the bill?

This one is really tough! There are so many awesome bands in Melbourne, however I think if we had our time again, playing with some emerging names such as Bad Juju, Drastic Park, Future Static, Loose End would be unreal!

There’s been a ton of new music released this year. What should we be checking out?

There’s been so much good music released in the recent months! Currently we’re loving the new EP from Drastic Park. Bad Juju also release a couple of awesome tracks earlier this year which we would recommend highly!

Any parting words for us before we let you go?

Keep an eye on our socials! We have some brand new music on the way that we can’t wait to share with the world. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during the course of the pandemic. Make sure you keep in touch with your mates and have a drink for us!

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