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We had started a bunch of the press interviews for YesterdayFest before the unfortunate cancellation due to this shitty pandemic. Melbourne’s North Heights took the time to chat with us before everything went to hell so we thought we’d post it for people to read. Some of the information is a bit dated but we discussed their new single The Maddest Disease (which has since been released), their inception and how they feel about the industry moving toward shorter releases.

Tell us a bit about how North Heights came into existence?

We started out as a trio just floating ideas that were based on the nostalgia of music we listened to growing up. We wanted this project to be kind of like a tribute to the 2000s where the Melbourne scene involved every Thursday at ‘Goo’ or ‘Next’ once that was over. Different combinations of us had been in bands together in the past and it was kind of a no brainer as to who would enjoy playing this style. We started writing demos and just enjoyed not taking it too seriously. We kind of turned a point last year where it felt like we were a band. It wasn’t a super planned thing but it now feels like we’re finding our own sound.

How do you guys find inspiration lyrically for your music?

I originally started writing lyrics for the band based on book plots and movie scenes and ideas. ‘Walter’ is an obvious example of that. From there it kind of shifted to experiences and feelings that mainly came from my own, as well as friends, relationships. Just the learning that comes from situations that hurt really. You know, emo shit that forces you to make hard decisions and mistakes.

You indicated on your socials that a new single is in the works! How close are to hearing it?

It’s done! It’s called ‘The Maddest Disease’. Should be up on all the streaming platforms over the next week. We will have it available on triple J unearthed ( this week so let us know what you think by giving it a review! We are playing a bunch of new songs in our set that we have recorded and are just putting the final touches on those before they are released- a big year of new music ahead!


We’re stoked to have you on board our very first YesterdayFest in April! Who else on the bill are you keen on seeing?

Firstly, it’s been really sweet listening to all of the band’s on the bill. It’s just awesome what Melbourne has to offer in terms of talent…So mad!
Goodbye Party are a killer band. Such great tunes and their live show is on point!
A New Way Home are one that the crew have been keen to check out too!

I don’t know, all the band’s sound rad so can we say a cliché thing like we wanna see them all?

The industry is moving towards shorter releases like singles and EP’s. How do you guys feel about this and do you think albums will ever become a thing of the past?

Oh man, I hope not! There’s nothing better than a start to finish album. Our goal is to get an album out. I think it’s just that singles and EPs are a nice bite size taste of a band. For some bands it’s about time, others it’s about content, but it’s kind of tough because bands are so diverse in terms of sounds. By producing singles alone listeners can really lose out by not connecting to the first single they hear. We seem to have shorter attention spans these days and I guess EPs and singles feed that desire to move on quickly. Singles have a place as the acrylic but albums are the whole canvas.

What’s been your favourite show to date?

We played at Mavfest which is a festival put together by Brunswick Lacrosse Club. That was pretty random but wild as hell with people very down to get involved. Every show has been great. We actually just played an arvo show at the workers which was really fun. Day beers increase crowd participation by a fair bit.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be listening to?

– If you’re not already into them ‘Ceres’ (@weareceres) are the most heart on your sleeve band going around. Take your tissues if you see them live.
– Also ‘Fever Speak (@feverspeak) are a band that we played with a while ago with some incredible tunes.
– Japan For (@japan_for) are also a big recommendation.
– Analogue Hope (@analoguehope) are so damn good. We played a show with them and their tunes are just so catchy.
– Marcus Frangos is a friend of ours who puts on a great solo show too. He’s an incredible storyteller. He also plays in ‘Darlings’ (@darlingsmelbourne). Well worth a listen. Check them out.

What are the plans for 2020?

1) Play shows
2) Record songs
3) See new bands

We haven’t played many shows over the last year so this year is all about getting new stuff out and getting onto bills.

Anything you’d like to leave us with before we let you go?

Support local music and other organisations and associations that make our city the beautiful place it is! We are wrapped to be participating in a show with a bunch of like-minded bands to support

Much love.

Make sure to support North Heights by streaming their music and giving them a follow on FACEBOOK to stay updated.



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