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Back before the corona virus took away live music, Melbourne punk rock outfit Once Were Lost were one of the most active bands on the live circuit. With three EP’s under their belts and a new single almost ready to be dropped, the boys are well positioned to hit the ground running once lockdown lifts. We talked to the boys about staying sane as a band during quarantine, their new mobile phone filmed music video and how they think lockdown will influence lyrical content of artists across the globe.

How are you guys surviving during quarantine?

We’ve actually had a longer break than others as we had taken time off in Feb and March as our drummer’s wife was due to give birth during that time.
We had actually set a date to have a rehearsal and the week before all these lockdowns happened.
I have seen in the last few days that a few rehearsal places are now reopening so hopefully in the next few weeks we can get together for a jam.

Is it easier or harder to work on new music during a global pandemic?

Well there is certainly a lot more free time to work on songs.
I’m thankful that I have my own home studio set up, so have been able to write and record demos to share with the band so we have some new stuff to work on once we resume rehearsals.
A frustrating part about this all happening is that we were in the middle of recording a new single and just needed to get the vocals recorded.
Now these restrictions have eased up we should be able to get this finished.
As for a release date, I think we will wait and see when we are able to start playing gigs again before we work out when to release.

Do you think the virus will influence some of the lyrical content for new songs?

Absolutely, I think we have already seen a few songs come out on the subject matter and I’m sure there will be plenty to come.
Personally I won’t be writing any virus related content but perhaps more so an observation on the world in general.

You’ve just released a clip for your song We Will Rise. What were some of the challenges putting it together when you couldn’t be in the same room?

I suppose the hardest thing when recording video is correct lighting. I put together/edited this video myself so not being able to be there during the filming process made it a little hard to get consistent quality footage from everyone as they were all recording it separately on their phones.
That being said I’m pretty happy with the result considering the circumstances.
I was inspired by the recent film clips Goldfinger had been putting out and wanted to get in on the action.

We recently heard that Unify will be putting on an all Aussie lineup for 2021. Do you think this is a blessing in disguise or do you feel they’ll struggle to sell tickets at similar prices to last year?

I think it’s a great idea, Aussie bands are going to need a lot of support and it’s fantastic that UNFD have chosen to support them. In regards to ticket sales, I’m thinking prices may be a bit less but am aware that it may still be similar due to them wanting to support the all the bands.
The first unify festival was an all aussie festival so it will be interesting to see how it goes again especially the fact that they are allowing bands from this years to play again so it will be interesting to see who we get as a headliner. I know I’ll be there!

If you guys could choose to play out of Download, Good Things or Unify, which would you choose?

That’s tough, I love unify as the whole weekend is a great experience and being only 1 stage you get maximum exposure. That being said I’d have to say download due to the size and international exposure possible.
It would look great on our resume to say we have played alongside some big international bands.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Gee only 5, that’s going to be hard as we have some many great bands just hear in Melbourne let alone Australia but here we go.
In no particular order…

Without Belief
A New Way Home
Inferiority Complex
Drastic Park

What’s been your favourite show to date?

Probably our first EP launch show at Rack em up in Lilydale. It was a great line up in general and the crowd was really in to it that night.
There’s been a lot of good gigs but that one sticks out in general just because it was the culmination of around 2 years hard work getting all these songs ready for the stage.

What’s 2021 and beyond going to look like for Once Were Lost?

Well hopefully more gigs ☺. As I mentioned we are currently recording a new single at the moment that we hope to release by the end of the year and moving forward we are looking at doing more single releases as opposed to EP’s/albums, just so we can keep releasing new content more often.

Any parting words for us before we let you go?

To all the fans of music out there, please support all the local bands out there by buying some merch or buying some music so they can keep doing this.
Also please go out and support our live music venues once they reopen again as they need as much support as possible because without them us bands would have nowhere to play.
Thank you to the guys at Born Yesterday Music for their time and for their ongoing support of the music scene.

Make sure to follow the boys on FACEBOOK to stay updated on future news.



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