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Melbourne metalcore outfit Tides Collide are riding high after the release of their debut EP. Working with some great names to bring their vision to light, the boys have already moved on to writing some new music. We caught up with the band to discuss their newest single Not the End, the accompanying music video and learn a little about the bands beginnings.

How’s things in the world of Tides Collide?

Things are good! We’ve just released our debut EP 2 weeks ago on Friday, and the response has been encouraging and uplifting for us. We would love to thank everyone who has checked us out: every stream and every message helps us all get through this time of uncertainty. In the down time since release, we’ve also been writing new music and planning what’s next for the band. 

How did the band get started?

Tom and Angus were in a band previously but left together, and found Justin through Melband in 2018. After writing some songs in the rehearsal studio, we decided to look for a bassist and found Jared through Facebook in 2019. We all have a love of heavy music and come from different walks of life culturally and geographically, so the name ‘Tides Collide’ seemed fitting for our band. 

We’re absolutely loving your new track Not the End. Who were some of your influences in it’s creation?

Not the End holds a special place in our hearts, as it was influenced by a friend of ours who passed away suddenly. We wanted to write this track to commemorate his life and legacy. Writing this song was a healing process as we also vicariously explored our own grief of his passing. We hope it is a journey both sonically and lyrically for everyone. 

We all bring different musical influences to this track. Angus is into progressive metalcore bands like Northlane, so that really influenced the syncopation and rhythmic choices in Not the End. Jared added his own spin on the harmonies, which comes from pop punk bands like Blink 182. Justin and Tom are quite influenced by Metalcore bands like August Burns Red and Wage War, and we were inspired to write similar interplay between the guitar riffs and vocals. 

You guys worked with the fantastic Zak Knight and Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios for this song. Tell us about the experience?

Working with producers Chris and Zak was such a humbling experience. They gave us great ideas and made the entire recording process as smooth and collaborative as possible. Throughout the whole process of writing and tracking, we definitely learned more about musical textures, dynamics and other composition techniques. It was really enjoyable and opened our eyes to what’s possible with our sound. 

We also got a great music video with the clip created by Daniel Ramsay of Ten of Swords Media. How did you come up with the concept with the clip and were there any challenges in putting it together?

We created the script for ‘Not the End’ by ourselves and wanted to portray death and grief sensitively and accurately. The narrative talks about a relationship between a man and a woman that deteriorates over time, with the impact more far reaching than it could ever imagine. Hence, we also wanted to find the right actor and actress to play these roles. We were fatigued for sure, having played a gig just the weekend prior at The Tote, but it was definitely worth it in the end. We were stoked with how well our vision for the script was interpreted and re-imagined by Daniel and our actors.

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Elements, Without Belief, In Vanity, Ebonivory, and Dweller.

Releasing a single during a pandemic is hard. Did it change your release approach at all?

The pandemic definitely made it harder for us to push our EP through word of mouth, but as an independent band we all made sure to pull our own weight and contribute in various areas of the release and operations of the band in general. Angus designed the artwork and assets, formulated the release strategy and manages everything from the social media and PR side of things. Tom handled everything legal, setting up our distribution, trademarking and copyrighting and ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch. Jared was the appointed contact, who helped us liaise with our producers and videographer, acting as a middleman for a lot of our communication. Justin is responsible for outreach and getting us in contact with promoters, media outlets and other press channels.

As you can see we all have our individual roles and all worked together to make this happen despite everything, teamwork makes the dream work!

If you guys could share the stage with a band of your choice who would it be?

It would be an honour to share the stage with Polaris. We’ve enjoyed seeing Polaris grow from their humble beginnings and appreciate all the dynamics and talent in that band. They really are at the front of the Australian metalcore scene, for sure! 

Anything you’d like to leave us with?

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to talk on Born Yesterday. It’s digital outlets like yourself that give local bands a place to shine and be heard. To all fans of alternative music, please support your local bands during this unprecedented time, whether it’s buying merch, streaming or a short Facebook message of appreciation. We will all get through this together and stronger as a music scene! Sending lots of love and gratitude from Tides Collide! If you love metalcore, make sure to check us out our self titled EP on all platforms: 

Check out Not The End below and chuck the boys a follow on FACEBOOK to stay updated!



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