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ARTIST: Reside
TRACK: Fallen

Buckle up and tighten your laces friends, as ‘Fallen‘ by Reside is an intense ride! Desolation, eerieness , anger and longing are just some of the flashes of colour in this track. An earnest display of passion infused between piercing guitars, and thunderous drums, this track will immerse you in deep contemplation.

Opening with a wobbling, distorted synth which will give you goosebumps, you’re quickly hooked in with the super crisp drums and crunching guitar chords. There’s great juxtaposition between instrumental sounds, and the twangy melody line just floats in the air creating a real cathartic experience. This is short lived as the war cry echoing vocals change the sound once again.

Let’s give a hand to Guinane’s effortless vocals. It’s a super clear and powerful vocal delivery that will absolutely turn heads. The sustained vocal lines in the verses pierce straight through your core providing a smooth transition into the powerful chorus.

Liked ebbing waves there is a strike and retreat throughout the track. A rise and fall like an internal struggle which you can really hear in the emotion of the melody. Creeping electronics keeps the vibe a little mysterious and adds interest to the rockier sound, ‘Fallen’ strikes a balance between being a ballad and straight up thrasher. You can tell this is a song the band wants you to feel in your heart.

This track cannot be listened to without watching the music video, but try watching it after the first listen. The visuals capture so perfectly the desperate loneliness, chaos and clutter heard in the single. The double exposure effects play very well with the new wave, rock infused sound. It captures the fluid style through soft blurring effects, and harsh lyric topics with stark focus against a pitch-black background. The song ends in a slow fade, like releasing a long breath after pouring your heart out, it is a suitable wind down.

Fallen‘ is a very strong launch into the new chapter of the band. Let the angst of isolation and over thinking pour over you in this tense and passionate effort by Reside.

RATING: 8.5/10



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