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ARTIST: Rumours
RELEASE: If Only You Could Feel Something Too

A genre bending work of art, “If Only You Could Feel Something Too” is an unforgettable joyride. Proving they’re not just a metalcore band, Rumours borrows sounds and meshes genres in their sophomore EP, kicking ass and breaking barriers left right and center.

Kicking it off with the title track and pre released single, it’s a no holds barred explosive start. Are we going to fight evil? Because it sounds like it. Guitar revving like a motorcycle, and drums counting down with bated breath, you can almost smell the rubber as Bentley jumps in with vocals. There’s strong Bring Me the Horizon ‘Mantra‘ vibes, and I was concerned this would emanate through the rest of the EP but this isn’t really the case.

The only thing you should fear is being pulverized by the thunderously powerful riffs, and snazzy snares so sharp, they cut. Every track is extremely powerful vocally and instrumentally. A large contribution from producer Chris Lilac, who manages to mix filtered sunlight through turbulent seas.

Like looking into facet cuts of a diamond, each side showing a different view, “If Only You Could Feel Something Too” melds into ‘The Same Kind’, a beating heart turned statically erratic. It’s like levelling up in a video game and has a nonchalant strut about it, until the guitar comes in hard. Then it’s total metamorphous, to a backdrop of screams and thrashing drums. An addictively stylish melody layered with pop punk fun, will you be dancing or headbanging in the mosh? Featuring guest vocals of Kirk-Holmes from To Octavia, there’s a great push/pull from both vocalists, while letting the instrumentals shine. Oh yes, and the riffs in this track are groovy as anything.

Half way through the record, ‘Neurosis‘ is so different, yet it finds its’ place in the EP. It allows a moment of stillness, exploring a spectrum of emotions that aren’t exactly pretty. Desperation, bitterness, helplessness, yearning and hope. Explanative in the lyrics, if ‘God’s not listening’ then who is?
Despite being a heavy EP, there’s vulnerability in the raw emotions drenched in each track, and especially so in ‘Neurosis‘. A spacey electronic rock ballad, its feelings of being trapped and desolate feel so relatable and real. Hats off to King from Windwaker, who lends his clear as day, ice piercing vocals to this beautiful track.

Listeners of Polaris, Windwaker and Hands like Houses will vibe with Rumour’s latest EP. Lets also give a shout out to the Limp Bizkit feels peppered throughout “Incredulous” and “MANIA”.

Undisputedly a common denominator in this EP is revving guitars, pulsing bass and snazzy electronics. Hypnotically heavy, Rumours manages to create light with floating melodies, adding contrast to an already multi-layered sound. The band should be very proud of the refined sound they are producing, for a band with short soundtrack history. From such a high calibre of sound, we expect big things to come.




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