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ARTIST: Stepson

Look i’m going to level with you, this is going to be a somewhat biased review. Stepson is a band that holds a very dear part of my heart. I’ve played ‘Echoes in an Empty Room’ over so many times that if I owned it on physical media it’d be worn to shit. Same with ‘Never Mind Me’ and ‘Come with Me’, and do not even get me started on how much I love the entire ‘The Beautiful Lie’ EP. I’m pretty sure their 2017 gig at Wrangler Studios was the second or third time I spent some quality time with my now dear friend and BY founder Mikey. So naturally, I have a bit of history with Stepson. 

That said, I think a fair preface should go out. I really didn’t vibe with ‘The Entire History of You.’ I didn’t find anything spectacular about that song and it was very much a one and done listen, and after having another listen back while writing this review, I feel the same way. 

All of that out of the way, with the announcement of their long long awaited debut album ‘Help Me Help You,’ Stepson has returned to their finest form in my eyes. The newly released single ‘Run,’ starts off with a muddled guitar that tries to throw you off the scent as this song being a more alt rock based jam, but in reality ‘Run’ has everything you might expect from a Stepson track with those few added elements that might catch you by surprise. The heartfelt harmonies between vocalists Jayden Ridley and Brock Conry, and highly emotional lyrics that’ll definitely make you stop and think. Long time listeners might draw some similarities with Jayden’s newer vocals to that of Ahren Stringer of the Amity Affliction in that they are a lot more enunciated and polished than in previous entries.

The song continues the story of the protagonist previously found in songs ‘Come with Me’ and ‘Never Mind Me’ and explores the themes of the hardships of living in a broken home, damaged relationships and the lengths we will go to protect those who matter most to us. Look, they are not incredibly light topics to be singing songs about but in the best way possible they’re totally par for the course of a Stepson track. That said, this doesn’t feel rehashed. It feels like the band is trying to reinvent aspects of their band while staying true to what’s built them such a loyal fanbase over the last 6 years. ‘Run’ is a song that the guys should hang their hats high on as they enter this new era.

Be sure to check out ‘Run’ now wherever you listen to music, and ‘Help Me Help You’ when it comes out!

RATING: 7.5/10



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