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ARTIST: The Daily Chase
TITLE: Freedom/Fiction

Sullen at times with pain filled yearning, yet also blistering with anger, The Daily Chase’s latest single “Freedom/Fiction” is a raw, emotion charged rarity. Filled with chugging breakdowns we all love carried by powerful screams, metalcore lovers need to get around this heavy delight.

With the soft haunting opening you are immediately drawn in by the suspenseful synth and drums like slow heart beats. There’s a restless stirring and anticipation until the opening verse, which blasts you in the face with guttural screams like a war cry. Cue the intense guitar strumming and head banging, because it is on. After a slower start a driving rhythm really kicks in at the verse pushing the track along. Filled with a catchy riff that repeats throughout, it’ll be swimming in your mind for days.

In contrast to the thick, muddy, thrashing verse there is huge clarity in the chorus both in the clean vocals and soaring melody. Although sung with strength, you can hear the nuance of vulnerability and sadness, referring to life’s hostilities which often is masked by a shiny mirage. Deception, selfishness no matter if its’ our fault or others life mercilessly throws us curve balls and we have to pretend everything is ok. “Just in a moment, this all could be gone”, objects, people and emotions are fleeting, but what can we do about it? Sometimes contemplation just brings frustration. You can feel the rage seeping out with every word, building along with the sharp drums like cracking whips.

With catchy beats like I Prevail and aggressive passion like Parkway Drive, ‘Freedom/Fiction‘ is an intense ride that you will feel throughout the body.

RATING: 8/10



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