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ARTIST: The Dead Love
RELEASE: My Friends

Coming off of 2019’s mammoth ‘The Extinction of Unicorns’, Sydney’s Punk legends The Dead Love have come out with COVID-19’s first (to my knowledge) isolation banger. The 3 minute gem ‘My Friends’ is in no way reinventing the wheel, but I can guarantee that it will strike a chord with just about everyone.

‘I miss my friends and I miss how it used to be’

The band is spot on with that line. I, like most others, am missing my friends and what we knew of the world. This whole virus can be tough at times, and not being able to have your pals physically around you can be super tough. That said, this song is the equivalent to a nice warm hug from your best friend and that’s all any of us can ask for.

I have no doubt that when the music industry starts back up, this song is going to be huge. The energy levels of everyone, thinking back to these isolated times, singing along to the hook as loud as they can is something that will be hard to describe, and will add a whole other layer to The Dead Love’s already hectic live show.

To go along with the song is a clip, filmed and edited by the legends at Yeah Rad, is a compilation of clips from the band’s recent jaunt across Europe as well as special appearances from a stack of the bands friends such as Bakers Eddy, Stand Atlantic, Between You and Me, Columbus, Psychobabel and many many many more. It really becomes a game of where’s wally (Like the old ADTR clip for All I Want). The clip compliments the song and its message incredibly well. Not only is the video a fun way to bring together the bands friends, for the uninitiated the clip shows off the bands incredibly high energy live show that needs to be seen in person.

Listen to the song, watch the video clip, support local bands and hug your friends for 48 hours when you next have the (safe) opportunity.

RATING: 7/10



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