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ARTIST: To Octavia
RELEASE: Coco Mojo (single)

To Octavia have shown steady growth over their short but eventful career. Replacing a lead vocalist is extremely hard but to be honest, the band have never sounded better. After the absolute banger ‘Sound of The Rain’ was dropped in May, I was so hungry to hear more music and any doubts I had about them losing such a vital member evaporated. Their interesting and nuanced brand of post-hardcore sounds so fresh, effortlessly combining heavier styles with a pop sensibility that would suit small crowded rooms and pumping festival environments.

New single ‘Coco Mojo’ starts with a nice dancy, electronic passage and some infectious low vocals. From the way the song begins it would easy to assume it’s dance rock flavoured radio single but it quickly explodes with a blood curdling scream and massive, thunderous metalcore riff. There’s a good mix of recent heavier Bring Me The Horizon riffage and some tasteful RnB flavours within the poppier sections which for most bands can sound a little forced but To Octavia can zig and zag between styles and all of it sounds well put together and natural.

The huge, soaring chorus is also a massive highlight for the song, showing off the INCREDIBLE pipes of vocalist Merry Kirk-Holmes who is just so otherworldly talented at both clean and harsh vocals. The outro is surely going to get the pit moving with a massive bouncy riff that sends the song off in a crushing manner. This track is purely all killer, no filler!

We now have three singles from To Octavia’s new record ‘Somewhere In A World, Not of The Dream’ and I couldn’t be more excited to see what other curve balls they have in store for us. Sitting nicely within the new generation of Aussie local post hardcore bands such as Windwaker, Rumours and Days Like These, To Octavia aren’t just going to be a local name for very long.

RATING: 9/10



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