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It’s an absolute gift to watch Perth’s Triggerlip grow. From their humble beginnings with singles Assimilate and Play Pretend, the boys have really stepped it up with their debut EP Your Dear Life which sees the band nicely blending their pop punk and emo influences while adding some new flourishes.

Opener Talk Tonight starts off in a slow somber fashion with reverb drenched guitars and melancholy vocal lines from vocalist Josh Watson who’s really found his voice. Now also showcasing a lower register similar to Trophy Eyes John Floreani, it’s night and day from the previously released recordings. Before long, Watson’s joined by the rest of the band launching into some distorted uptempo guitars and punchy drums. Lyrically, the track is a treat to dive into with some really heartbreaking line despite it’s generally uplifting message of reaching out to the ones you love when you’re struggling. The line ‘It cuts to hear the songs that carried us on, but the pain to write this song should feel like it could sever to the bone’ lingers longer after being sung.

Second track Dear Reader boasts the catchiest chorus of not only the tracks on this record but their entire back catalog with the passage ‘You stood and watched it all burnt down, you came out swinging but you’re not alone’ burying itself deep in my head immediately after hearing it. Bassist Matthew Matusik really shines on this track with some really great, creative basslines that perfectly complement the lively drums. The key change bridge feels a little jarring at first until it’s ingeniously woven back into the chorus melody, showing that the band can keep you on your toes.

While all three songs are great, record closer Ashes is a standout. With equal moments of vulnerable despair and pop punk energy, it’s an emotional finale to the short but potent offering. The lead guitar lines cut through perfectly and create a nice light and shade dynamic to the tracks atmosphere. The lyrics tackle lamenting the loss of a loved one but still reminiscing of the good times spent together which is a really beautiful sentiment.
The multi-tracked vocals towards the end of the song definitely got me pretty misty-eyed with the haunting and resonate repetition of the line ‘In god they place their trust, you’ve gone to a better place…’.

Your Dear Life is an extremely refreshing and emotional first release for the boys and all but cements them as one of the most exciting bands to come out of Perth. In a time where most bands drain all the soul out of their music with studio magic and excessive autotune, this record stands out for it’s humanity and sincere passion.
As a band wise beyond their years, the future is looking extremely bright for Triggerlip.

RATING: 9/10

Your Dear Life is available now via Penultimate Records! Pick up official merch HERE and stream the record below!



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