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It’s tough for a band like Everlyne who formed right before the pandemic. With new music recorded and shows booked, everything had to be put on hold. Now that things are now under control (touch wood), the band are finally ready to hit the ground running and we’re honoured to have their return set at our very first YesterdayFest! We talked to the band about their delayed plans, updates to their debut EP and the nerves of playing live again.

What’s been going on for you guys since we last spoke?

Working hard on putting together some new music. Trying to get out and see as many gigs as possible seeing as we couldn’t for so long. We’re all super happy to be through the last 12 months and back on the stage.

I believe YesterdayFest is your first show back from lockdown. Are there any nerves in performing live again?

We love playing shows. The nerves are part of the fun. Being in the studio and spending time putting new tracks together has gotten us super keen to get on stage and bring them to everyone’s ears.

Who else on the bill are you keen on seeing?

We played a show with Inferiority Complex a couple of months before lockdown started. We can’t wait to see them slay YesterdayFest.

Can we expect any surprises during your set?

It depends on the type of surprise you’re thinking of. New bangers? definitely. A cover? Quite possibly. Guest vocals from Oli Sykes? Very unlikely.

Last time we talked you guys were teasing the release of an EP. How’s that progressing?

We put the final touches (and maybe some guest vocals) on it about a month ago. Its currently with our producer, the super rad Beau McKee, and is coming along nicely.

Who would you say are the biggest influences on the new material?

To be honest, we were torn on whether to go in the direction of prime, pop-punk Paramore, or this new-sounding, really alternative Bring Me The Horizon sound. It’s somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

Was it challenging navigating writing/recording during this pandemic?

We like to jam, get together and try stuff out. Not being able to connect to each other posed its challenges. Its also been tough to get in touch with our network of muso people who aren’t afraid to give us their opinions as well. But we’re through that now, and onto playing killer shows again!

Who are five Aussie locals we should be checking out?

Future static
Days like these
Inferiority complex
Also, us…. definitely give us a cheeky spin 😉

Who’s had the best release of 2021 so far?

Architects album is an absolute banger. We’re all vibing it. Its still early in 2021, and lots of tunes are in the works.

Anything you’d like to leave us with?

Our new EP is planning to hit the surface around July! Get down to YesterdayFest early to get a sweet taste of our new sound/direction.

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, catch Everylyne first up at our very first YesterdayFest on April 24th. Also be sure to check out their music on all good streaming platforms!




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