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Whenever we’re putting together shows, we always have No! Not the Bees! near the top of our list. Their fun yet heavy mashup of pop punk and metalcore always translates so well live and we’re sure they’re going to lift the roof off for their set at YesterdayFest! We caught up with the boys to discuss their recent activity, new music and their brilliant recent single Space for Silence.

It’s been a while between drinks! You guys have stayed relatively quiet over the past year and a bit. What’s been going on with the bees as of late?

It has my man!
The bees have probably been up to the same as everyone else unfortunately, riding the wave of Covid. We had some real momentum going at the start of 2020 and then all of sudden we weren’t able to see each other for months, which sucked. Without trying to sound too cliché, the first prac we had after lock down really made me appreciate what we have as a band and mates.

You released your brilliant recent single Space for Silence back in July of 2020. How was the response to the track?

It honestly didn’t get as big of a response as some of our previous singles, but the feedback we did receive was all really positive. But I think our biggest fan was definitely the guy we hired the jumping castle off though :’D.
Shout out to Cary from C & C Jumping Castles who didn’t even hesitate to rent his pirate jumping castle to us.

You also released a companion video which was filmed by Andrew Bromley. How much fun was it making the clip and was it tough fitting it in during a lockdown?

Mate out of all the music videos we’ve filmed so far this one was hands down the most fun and definitely not as tedious as the others. The video was actually filmed a couple months before lock down. I think it was like 32 degrees that day so it was definitely still way too hot to be jumping on a jumping castle with 5 dudes but every take was a heap of fun. Andrew Bromley smashed it that day and was an absolute trooper for us. For all the local bands out there that want to do a music video, he’s your guy.

We’re so stoked to have you on board for YesterdayFest. Is your setlist going to be a mix of old and new?

We’re stoked to be back! Couldn’t be at a better venue as well. Best vegan popcorn chicken on the planet!
Our set is going to have a bit of everything, including the first song we released (which is 7 years old now wth?) and a brand newie. And I mean we cant not play I fall apart right?

If you guys could pick a favourite song to play live, which would it be and why?

For me it would have to be Sick II Death plain and simply because its a really fun song to sing.
I’m sure all the boys have their personal favourites but I cant help but love the one that people know the most words to. The break down at the end always seems to be the highlight of our set too.

You guys have teased there’s definitely more music to come. Is that coming any time soon?

If everything goes to plan we’ll have a new EP out in the coming months. It was originally going to be 5 songs like our previous 2 but it’s looking likely we might add a couple more which I’m really excited about. I think its our best work to date, and I cant wait for people to hear it.

How about some more shows?

Would love to! You know well never say no to Born Yesterday 🙂

Who are some of your favourite Aussie locals at the moment?

Been absolutely loving the latest releases from: Alpha wolf, Stuck Out, Slowly Slowly, Thornhill, DVSR, Weighbridge, Days Like These and Void of Vision to name a few.

Anything you’d like to leave us with?

Sun’s rising baby.

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, catch No! Not the Bees! at YesterdayFest on April 24th! Also be sure to check out their most recent barn burner Space For Silence on Youtube and all streaming services.



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